Sunday, January 24, 2016

eBay Swagger

Some eBay stuff I found.....nuff said.

Plush toys galore.

I've seen this before.....

An arcade flyer for some of Namco's electro-mechanical games. Here-he, here-he, Birdie Putt and Knockdown! As for
A Namco Sweet Licks scoreboard panel. Apparently, Choco-Kid and Sweet Licks are the same game, just different names. It's in really good shape, surprisingly. Here

More shots of the billboard.
This is a weird one. It's a Namco "Shoot Away", but it is almost nothing like the actual cabinet. Is is a bootleg? Or is it a prototype, with the Namco logo in the corner? Weird stuff.
Who couldn't pass up a buried Atari landfill Centipede box? Only $499, kiddies!

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