Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Game Boy Camera Faces (Halloween Special)

Man, it's been a while since I updated this blog, isn't it?

Anyway, seeing as how this is Halloween as of this writing, I thought as I should make a post to celebrate the occasion. After some digging through the large ocean that is the Internet, I think I found just what I needed.

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This horrifying image you are gazing upon is what I will be discussing today. So what even is this nightmare fuel? Well young reader, this is one of the many "error faces" found upon Nintendo's Game Boy Camera addon.

Released in 1998, the Game Boy Camera was a peripheral for both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and could, well, take pictures. The pictures could then be used for various minigames, such as a jogging game or a remake of an old Game & Watch title named "Ball". The camera also contained some other neat things, such as a sort-of-sequel to Nintendo's old arcade game Space Fever, a music / beatbox creator, and even allowed your pictures to be printed using the also neat Game Boy Printer.

For something so innocent, why would this addon have these bizzare faces, and more so, how do you find them?

Well for one thing, these faces are essentially the error screens, and can happen at really any moment; for example, if you try printing any photo without having the Game Boy Printer connected, then this monstrosity will pop-up and give the startling message "who are you running from?" or "don't be so silly!", as well as the creepy, dooming 8-bit music in the background.

The most well known way, however, is a little different. Once the "game" has started, you should be able to find a screen just like this.

Image result for gameboy camera menu
Take a look at the options presented. The screen is based on an RPG, so some options like "Magic" should be somewhat familiar beforehand. "Shoot" allows you to use the camera and take photos, "Items" is actually a timer for some reason, "Magic" is essentially a photo editor where you could add stamps or other goofy things to your pictures, and "Check" simply allows you to view previous photos. All fine and dandy, right?

Now you may have noticed a fifth option just under Check, simply titled "Run". What happens when you click on it? Usually you would get this somewhat humerous picture of Africa with the phrase "You are now crossing the equator - Jambo Nintendo!", as seen below.
Related image

Seems pretty A-Okay, right? Well, there comes that time, that one fateful time, where instead, the option would present this horrendous beast.
Related image

I'm betting that everyone is wondering "what the hell are these things, who came up with these?" Well from what I could piece together from various sources, I believe this was meant this simply parody role-playing games, as generally the "run" option in RPGs is for escaping the death of a certain enemy, however in this the player isn't really running or fleeing from anything. Even with this in mind, this is still pretty disturbing for a Nintendo game, no less.

Honestly I don't know how else to end this post, so here's a quote from Mullet Mike (who did an entire video about these faces)

Who are you running from? How bout you ya fuckin gumby!?"

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